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Debbie Wilson

People start the Resolve Program to lose weight. They stay on the program because they are startled and thrilled at their overall health improvement.  The Resolve approach helps people reverse chronic disease and maintain a long term healthy weight.

Debbie Wilson Nesslehauf, Salt Lick, KY, has lost 25 lbs. with the Resolve program. As a beloved country and gospel singer, years of guitar playing had created arthritis in her fingers.  With the program she has gotten great relief from arthritis pain.  She has converted her family to the plan, her husband, her daughter and grandson.  They have all lost weight and her daughter has had enormous fibromyalgia relief.

Leah before and after

Leah Gillum, US postal worker, Morehead, KY, lost 32 pounds in less than 3 months. Leah gained a lot of energy, relief from irritable bowel syndrome and other digestive issues. Her enthusiasm for improving her health and that of her family and friends is infectious. Leah has always been a legendary cook and has applied her talent to adapting recipes to fit the Resolve program.

Daymonde Mollette (2)

Daymond Mollette, Webbville, KY, retired sales rep for Frito-Lay and devoted family man, has a story to tell.  Daymond, long troubled by severe diabetes, lost down to his high school weight using the Resolve program. He went from an XL shirt to a Medium.  His blood sugar returned to the normal range. He made enormous reductions in his diabetes medication. His doctor told him he now had the ‘blood pressure of a 16 year old.’ Daymond says he will soon be 68 years old and feels like a young man.  His beautiful daughter Theresa Mollette, Louisville, KY,  lost 58 lbs! Theresa began the program in August of 2016. She is a dispatcher for Lewis Transport.
Lawrence beforeIMG_0934

Lawrence Conn, Morehead, KY and Rowan County High School senior, has lost 42 lbs.  He lost 30 lbs. in his first six weeks of the program.  Lawrence takes the health challenge seriously, leading his friends and family to healthier eating and attending weekly classes regularly.  Lawrence is an inspiration to all who know him.





Jim Gates weighed 310 and had blood sugar that ranged from 160 to 200.  He took Metforman and Glipizide to control his blood sugar.  He has lost 83 lbs. in eleven months. He no longer takes medication for diabetes, per his physician. He had nerve damage from agent orange exposure in his military service in Vietnam. That exposure created shaking in his hands that kept him from being able to write. That has corrected so much that Jim is able to fill out the forms again for his insurance business. Jim has taught many people how to benefit from the Resolve program. His caring and dedication are are truly inspiring.


Hazel and Ed Branham, Olive Hill, KY are enjoying their retirement much more since they began the Resolve Program in the Fall of 2016. They each lost 20 lbs. Ed has had improvement in his diabetes, when he was diagnosed his blood sugar was 600. (Under 100 is normal.) Ed has macular degeneration, a form of degenerative blindness. Ed’s doctor told him two months ago that he was very surprised to see that Ed’s macular degeneration has stabilized. Last week Ed’s doctor told him his macular degeneration was improving, his vision was improving! The doctor was shocked. he said that did not normally happen.

Theresa Mollette has now lost 65 lbs in six months.  She started with her father, Daymond Mollette, and the two of them have done so well in the program.  Theresa is so modest, we had to drag it out of her that she went down 4 pant sizes.  She is such a beautiful girl,  it has been so rewarding to see her reap such wonderful results.  Her advice? Follow the program!


Margie Holbrook, Olive Hill, KY and retiree, has lost 15 lbs. with the Resolve program. Her favorite result has been relief from arthritis pain.  She has gone from eight pain pills per day to one or two. Margie says attending the Resolve classes teach her great smoothie recipes and recipes for a healthy diet. She said she learns so much health information at every class.

Cheryl Littleton

Cheryl Littleton, Olive Hill, KY has suffered severe digestive disorders. She began the Resolve Program in February  2017.  She has lost 22 lbs. and has had truly remarkable relief from digestive disorders. Her enthusiasm is infectious.

Donna Buckler

Donna Buckler, Olive Hill, KY has faced some very serious health issues with her heart and fibromyalgia. She started the program in February 0f 2017. She has lost 25 lbs. She has so much relief from fibromyalgia pain that she has come off much of her pain medication.

Glenna Bays

Glenna Bays, Olive Hill, KY, takes her health very seriously.  She had tried many methods to improve her diabetes without  success. She has had great success with the Resolve Solution. Her blood sugar has lowered steadily. Glenna has lost 20 lbs. She feels much better. She started the program in Dec. 2016.

Jessica beforeJessica after


Jessica Davis, single mom, has had spectacular results with the program.  In three weeks she has lost 30 lbs. She has only just begun, she says.  She is such an inspiration to all who know her.  We are all so thrilled for her and appreciate her enthusiasm. An update on Jessica, she has now lost 63 lbs. in less than 3 months!


Mona Willoughby, Owingsville, KY

IMG_1407IMG_1406Here is a picture of me four years ago, and a pic of me today. Shortly after the first picture was taken, I found out I was a diabetic. I had high blood pressure, and IBSD, along with numerous other health problems. I was taking six different prescriptions. I started trying to change my diet and lose weight. It was like a yoyo diet, up and down for the past four years. I had lost fifty pounds, and had reached a plateau. My health problems were still being controlled by medication. I hadn’t gotten off any of it, in fact some had been increased significantly. Then I discovered Resolve. It’s not a weight loss program. It’s a health program. Ten days after starting this dietary supplement, I was down nine pounds. After two months, I’m down twenty pounds, for a total weight loss of seventy pounds, but that’s not the most amazing part. I am now off all my medication!! That was my number one goal from the start. I didn’t want to end up on dialysis like my dad was before he passed away, or go blind from diabetes like my aunt did! I can honestly say, I have not been hungry one time since I started Resolve. I don’t have the cravings for sweets, and breads at all anymore. I feel better than I have in years, and my mental clarity is so much better! I would highly recommend this product to anyone who wants to improve their overall health. The weight loss is just an added bonus!