Have you ever wondered why so many people fail to lose weight permanently, or why so many people can’t seem to get their blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides, or glucose levels in balance? Keeping in mind that there are 320 million people in America:


  • 60 million Americans have cardiovascular disease
  • 78 million Americans have high blood pressure
  • 28 million Americans have diabetes
  • 80 million Americans are prediabetic
  • 210 million Americans are overweight
  • 120 million Americans are obese
  • 4 in 10 Americans will get cancer
  • 60 million Americans suffer from an autoimmune disease (MS, lupus, arthritis, and nearly 100 other autoimmune diseases)

If you look closely at these numbers, you have to ask, “Who’s not sick”?

We know there are places in the world where heart disease is rare, as are cancer or diabetes. And we know that the primary cause of these diseases stem from the types of foods we eat and the lifestyle we chose.

We also know that America is hooked on drugs as the solution to their health problems. If you have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high triglycerides, or high blood sugar, the American way is to take a pill. Unfortunately, most disease cannot be cured by taking a pill. Blood pressure pills don’t cure high blood pressure, and pills to lower blood glucose levels don’t cure diabetes. Symptoms are simply reduced.

Diseases all begin at the cellular level and therefore can only be cured at the cellular level.

Our cells are amazing little machines with a multitude of functions. However, when our cells become weakened from exposure to the the extremities of the  standard American diet (SAD) of high sugar, carbohydrate, trans fats as well  toxins from pesticides, they will eventually become so damaged that they can no longer function, causing an eventual disease.

Fortunately, most cells are capable of repairing themselves or replacing themselves with new cells, but there is little hope of reversing cellular disease without sweeping changes in our lifestyle habits.

“The Resolve Solution” was developed to help you understand how our cells get sick and more importantly, how we help our cells can heal themselves.

Few people know that obesity is a cellular disease, or that obesity is a leading cause of many other diseases. This is why over 95% of those who diet to lose weight fail miserably. You can’t reverse obesity until you address the cellular damage that helps cause obesity. Unfortunately, there is no pill or potion that can reverse this disease.

Curing obesity and all other diseases requires getting your body back in balance by avoiding the toxins that caused the problems in the first place. We teach a series of seminars to help you the following program. If you can’t imagine yourself dong the following, at first, neither could we.  But if you knew you could feel a couple decades younger, look it and add a couple decades to your life, would that get your attention? You can. Therefore, the following problems must first be addressed:

  • Be willing to make changes in your current habits.
  • Purge all processed foods from your reach.
  • Cut sugar and artificial sweeteners from your diet.
  • Cut any food sources that contain trans fat from your diet.
  • Drink only spring or filtered water.
  • Avoid foods that might contain herbicides, pesticides, antibiotics, growth hormones, GMO’s, MSG’s and any other chemicals.
  • Purchase foods that have been grown organically.
  • Replace all processed foods with whole natural foods, organic when possible.
  • Avoid overexposure to the sun.
  • Get a minimum of eight hours of sleep each day.
  • Stop living a sedentary life and get a minimum of 30 minutes of simple exercise every day.
  • Make sure your bodily cells are fed foods and supplements that provide the essential nutrients such as, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants necessary for them to function properly and stay healthy.

In our free classes we teach how to do these things and enjoy it. The power of people taking control of their lives and healing together is a very moving experience.

These are things some doctors will tell you to do and probably already have. However, doctors have found that most of their patients don’t heed this natural approach to healing and instead write a handful of prescriptions instead. Unfortunately, doctors have become so frustrated with their patients that they rarely spend their time trying to get YOU to eat healthy, give up tobacco, cut back on alcohol and exercise a little.

Even though most diseases can be prevented and reversed by eating healthy foods and exercising, most people would rather take a pill to mask the symptoms than actually prevent or reverse the disease.

Therefore, if YOU are serious about losing weight permanently, or reversing a dreadful disease, “The Resolve Solution”  of UltaNutra supplements and the intensive educational seminars can show you how to achieve your goals.